Launch 2018

Empowering Beggars

Beauge Foundation is eradicating street begging by empowering beggars because everyone matters and deserves the best.

Empowering Beggars, How possible is that?

It has become a common sight to see beggars in different parts of Lagos who have resorted to begging as a means of livelihood. The sad part of this is that most of the beggars are able bodied men and women who have the potential to work and earn a decent living for themselves.
A team of young individual have come together to address this problem more strategically. They are doing this through a platform called Beauge Foundation. The foundation is barely less than 3 months old.
The vision of the foundation is to lovingly eradicate begging as a means of livelihood by empowering beggars to become a blessing to the world.
In order to achieve this vision, we hope to create a system that empowers, transforms and integrates internally displaced beggars back into the society as self-sufficient, independent person who are no longer a burden to the society but a blessing to humanity.

Our main objective is to:

In order to find the root cause of the problem, the team embarked on a research on 8th July, 2018. We went on the street and spoke with the beggars. We came out with valuable findings that helped us to fine tune our strategy and approach. One of the outcome of this effort is the relationship and trust we have been able to build with the beggars. This was a critical element in dealing with the beggars. We went on to launch the Beauge Foundation on Saturday 22nd September 2018 in Lagos at Ketu where about 50 beggars were hosted at a venue. The following activities were carried out;

NB: Abdul one of the beggars is currently undergoing a fashion design training

These achievements have been made possible by the support of volunteers, sponsors, media partners and well-meaning individuals. However, in order for us to be effective at empowering beggars and make meaningful impact we would need more support.

Our medium term goal is to own a campus where we can shelter, feed, cloth, train and release these beautiful People into the society as financially independent and responsible citizens who can be a role model to other beggars.

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