Empowering Beggars

Beauge Foundation Cares

Everything we do at Beauge Foundation is to ensure that no man or woman lives below the poverty line. Our objective is to help IDPs and Beggars get back on their feet emotionally and financially

Why We Empower?

Everyone deserves to be happy irrespective of race, color or class. However, prevailing circumstances have a way of making even the best of us lose touch with this basic truth. This is why we need people who are sensitive enough to remind us when the need for who we really are, the things that really matter in life and how to make the best of our lives. This was the mindset with which we met the beggars in the Ketu community on the 21st of Sept 2019. The event which was tagged “The Empowered Beggar 01″ held at Jextoban Hall, Alapere Ketu, Lagos could better be described as a celebration of humanity without prejudice. The event catered for the medical, emotional and material needs of the IDPs and beggars. With medical check-ups, drugs, and medical advice. Food, clothes bag & shoes given to them. The most important part for us was the celebration that could be best described as a celebration of life, hope and a choice of better living. We watched and joined as they sang and danced with such excitement that made us proud of the part we chose to walk. Beauge Foundation was set up to educate and empower the IDPs and Beggars in society. Two ex-beggars and two children are currently going through our transformation process which includes: shelter, feeding, rehabilitation, skill acquisition and financial management. Abdul is now a fashion designer in the making. Iya Ibeji, a mother of two has been provided with the resources with close monitoring to start a trade and both children have been enrolled in a school.Beauge Foundation is committed to helping IDPs and Beggars get back on their feet. We seeking collaboration with partners and sponsors towards scaling up its project which in event contributes towards achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030 in terms of Goal 1: No poverty, Goal 2: Zero Hunger Goal 4: Quality Education & Reduced Inequality. Join us and let’s empower the IDPs and Beggars together! Watch the videos Event Interviews Event Overview Medical Session Sharing of Food and Clothing Encouragement by Mr. Kola Olugbodi (MD BCI International)

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