Beautiful Ashes FulfillDestiny


When some people see them, they see Beggars, When we see them, we see wonderful people. When some people see them, they see low life, When we see them, we see destiny in the making. If you and I deserve the best, so does wonderful people. Join us as we lovingly eradicate begging as a means of livelihood by empowering them around the world, starting with Lagos, Nigeria.

This September 2018

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. On Saturday, 22nd September 2018, we will be showing Lagos Beggars some love by giving them Medical Care, Food, Cloths, Shoes, Bags … Will you join us? Time, Talent, Treasure, Thoughts Would you like to volunteer your time to serve, give some of your treasures (cloth, shoes and other things) or Partner with us financially? Please call or whatsapp Mallory: +234 806 342 1995 or Tobi: +234 817 882 4246